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How does a teacher score the summative evaluation?


Once a principal has enabled teacher scoring for the summative evaluation, the teacher will have some additional capabilities in his/her Summative Evaluation module. This article describes how a teacher scores within the summative evaluation.

Please Note:
This step is optional.

Follow these steps:

Navigate to the Summative Evaluation module.

Clicking on the black Sharing Status button (in the step above) will reveal a drop-down window that shows what has been shared. In the image below:

  1. The teacher can see that the principal has allowed the teacher to score the summative evaluation.
  2. The teacher can simply click on the white Close button to return to the Summative Evaluation module.

If a teacher wishes to score the components within the summative evaluation, s/he needs to click on the Evidence/Scoring tab. S/he can then perform the following:

S/He can score a criteria when s/he has selected a criteria in the Rubric Navigator.

When s/he has selected a component in the Rubric Navigator, there are three actions that s/he can take.

  1. S/he can add additional evidence for the rubric component. This is just a short-cut to avoid having to go to the YTD Evidence view to add any missing evidence.
  2. S/he can score the rubric. component.
  3. S/he can add a statement of performance supporting her reasoning behind the selected score.

The teacher should follow the steps listed above for any component in the Rubric Navigator that has a numeral under the Collected column. Once s/he has finished their work, the teacher should find the green Self-Eval Complete button up on the tab bar, and click on it to share their self-evaluation with their evaluating principal.

A temporary window will appear on the screen, giving the teacher the opportunity to confirm their decision to share their input with their evaluating principal, or to cancel the process.

Read the next article to learn more about how the principal views the teacher's self-evaluation results.


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