eVAL HelpeVAL MODULESSummative Evaluation Scoring the Criteria with Packaged EvidenceHow does the principal score the Criteria when evidence has been packaged?

How does the principal score the Criteria when evidence has been packaged?


A principal must score the criteria for the teacher's evaluation before a final report can be completed. This article provides the steps to do so, when a principal has "packaged evidence" throughout the evaluation process.

Follow these steps:

Sign into eVAL and choose the teacher's name from the drop-down menu. Then click on the Summative Evaluation menu on the left.

  1. Click on the tab called Final Report at the top.
  2. If there is anything that is keeping the summative evaluation report from being finalized, it will be displayed in the table that appears in the blue section. In the case below, there is a missing Criteria score for C3 for a teacher on a focused plan. To address this, go to the Evidence/Scoring tab, and continue with these instructions. (If there are no issues listed in this table that need to be resolved, skip ahead to the chapter called Creating the Final Summative Report.

To continue from the example above, the Evidence/Scoring tab has been selected. Notice that in the Rubric Navigator,

  1. the green Evidence button is selected, and
  2. numbers appear under the columns entitled Collected and Packaged.

To drill down and get even more information about the evidence that has been collected and aligned to the rubric, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the green Performance button in the Rubric Navigator.
  2. A black score appears for each component that was scored before the principal signed off on the SGG goal.
  3. If evidence has been packaged (aligned to the language in the rubric, but not necessarily scored), those packages will be noted and quantified with small gray circles on the proficiency levels. The numerals in those circles indicate the number of times evidence for that component has been aligned to that proficiency level.
  4. A summary of evidence package alignments will be displayed on the score bar.

If you want more information about the evidence that has been packaged (aligned to the language in the rubric), click on the component in the Rubric Navigator, and scroll down the page to view the details.

Each piece of evidence will be listed and described individually in the Packaged Evidence section (further down the page).

An orange notification that indicates that this evidence is not included in the (mid-year or final) report will tell you why. (See the image above.) If it’s because it has not been selected for inclusion, click on the button above the Rubric Navigator that enables you to show or hide the list of observations.

A new area of the workspace will appear.

  1. Insert a checkmark by each observation you wish to include in your report.
  2. Then hide the list of observations, if you wish.
  3. If the orange notification (discussed at the top of this page) indicates that the observation has not been marked complete, go to that Observation’s module, send the Observation Report to the teacher if needed, and then mark it as complete.

Assigning a Criteria score in the Evidence tab:

  1. Click on the state’s Criteria that appears at the top of the table in the Rubric Navigator.
  2. It is recommended that you also activate the green Performance button at the top of the Rubric Navigator.
  3. After reviewing the packaged and scored evidence in the Rubric Navigator and/or on the page, assign a score for that Criteria in the Score Bar.

Repeat the instructions on this Help page for each Criteria that needs scored.

This is the end of this chapter. It's time to read the next chapter on Creating the Final Summative Report.


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