Introduction to this chapter

Background Information for Our Sample Scenario:

For the example used in this part of the tutorial, the follow actions have taken place:

  • The teacher is on a focused evaluation plan (C3).
  • The District Administrator of eVAL has selected settings that allow the evaluator to over-ride the district settings for reports.
  • In addition, the following has taken place.

Self Assessment:

  • The teacher has completed a self-assessment and shared it with the evaluating principal.

Student Growth Goal (SGG):

  • The teacher has responded to the SGG prompt (C3).
  • The teacher has written a SGG for C3.
  • The principal has scored the SGG and has signed off on it.
  • The teacher has submitted artifacts that <hopefully> provide evidence of achieving the goal.
  • The principal has packaged the teacher’s SGG evidence.


  • The principal has conducted two observations, and has scripted the activity.
  • The principal has collected evidence from each observation.
  • The principal has packaged the evidence.
  • The principal has not scored the evidence.
  • The principal has not scored the observation.
  • The principal has marked each observation as complete.


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