About mid-year reports


A mid-year report is simply a progress report of the evaluation data that has been collected at a certain time of the year. The data can include:

  • evaluation data contributed by the principal
  • artifacts contributed by the principal or the teacher
  • evaluation data regarding the student growth goal

A teacher's self-assessment data is not included in a mid-year report, unless a principal has added it as an artifact and coded it as evidence.

What elements can be included in the mid-year report?

The following elements can be included in a mid-year report:

  • A summative score table (a table that appears at the top of the report and that summarizes rubric component summative scores; and/or ...
  • Collected evidence (evidence that has been gathers and connected to a component in the district's framework; and/or ...
  • Packaged evidence (one or more pieces of evidence that has been aligned to the language in the district's rubric; and/or ...
  • A Signature Block (a placeholder at the bottom of the report for the principal and teacher to sign).

In addition, evaluation data from observations may be included. However, the observations must be marked as "complete" before they can be included in the report.

Can the principal customize the report and over-ride the settings configured by the District Administrator of eVAL?

Yes. However, the District Administrator of eVAL must allow grant the principal the right to do this. Talk to your District Administrator of eVAL, and have them look in their Settings menu for the Mid Year Report. See the screen image below.


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