eVAL HelpeVAL MODULESSummative Evaluation Creating and Sharing the Final ReportWhat does a teacher do when s/he receives the final report?

What does a teacher do when s/he receives the final report?


After the principal shares the final summative evaluation report with the teacher, the teacher will be able to view it and comment on it when they next sign in to eVAL. This article provides the steps for the teacher to do so.

Please Note:
Please read the information in the Overview tab; it contains lots of information about the evaluation process! (Please Note: If the principal has not shared any evidence scores or mid-year report data, then only the Overview tab will be visible in your screen under the blue notification strip.)

Follow these steps:

Sign in to eVAL and click on the Summative Evaluation menu on the left. A blue notification strip will appear above the tabs, notifying the teacher that the final report is still in DRAFT mode. The notification also shares what the teacher can expect from the principal.

There will be an additional tab for any evidence scores or mid-year reports that the principal has shared. In the image below, the principal has shared data from the mid-year report. There is nothing for you (the teacher) to do if the principal has shared data from the evidence scores or the mid-year report.

When the principal has sent the Final Summative Evaluation Report to you, a Final Report tab will be displayed in the Summative Evaluation area.

Click on the Final Report tab, which will reveal more information and will provide you the opportunity to view the Final Report. Read the instructions in the blue notification area under the Final Report tab, and click on the green View Report button when ready.

Once you view the final report, the report will appear under the blue area, and a PDF version of it will be available in the top right corner, above the blue notification area.

  1. Writing a response in the blue area is optional, not required.
  2. If you do write a response, click on the green Submit Response button after you have finished writing it. The report will be updated to include the response, and a PDF of the new final report (including the response) will appear in the top right corner of the work space area.

This concludes this chapter on how to create and share the final summative evaluation report.


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