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Using Calibration Exercises w/o Evaluations

If your district would like to use eVAL to utilize the Calibration Exercises within eVAL, you can do so without having to use eVAL for evaluations.  The following steps are required before a district can use eVAL for Calibration Exercises.

  1. The District Security Manager needs to setup EDS accounts associated with the eVAL application for the following users:
    1. Principals: each principal at a school where they will be using Calibration Exercises should have an EDS account associated with eVAL and in the role School Principal at their building.
    2. District Admin: there needs to be at least one District Admin that will be authorized to perform administrative tasks within eVAL. They should be associated with eVAL in the District Admin role at the district building. The District Admin should also be given the role District Evaluator.
  2. The District Admin needs to set up the district evaluator/principal relationships in eVAL. This involves assigning a district evaluator as the evaluator for the principal and selecting an eval cycle (Comprehensive or Focused).  Even though your district won't be using eVAL for evaluations, this step is necessary because principals cannot log into eVAL until this setup is complete. Instructions for this setup are here.

Once these steps are complete the district admin will need to configure eVAL so that they Calibration Exericses feature is enabled and setup with the correct options for their district's usage.   Instructions for setting up and using Calibration Exercises are here.


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