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Creating District-wide Observation Conference Prompts

This article assumes that you are logged in as a District Administrator and are working in the Admin Teacher Evaluations work-area within the Prompt Bank section. If you need help changing to this work-area please see How to Change Work-areas.

Prompts can be created at three different levels: district, school, and evaluator.

  1. District-wide prompts: prompts created by a district administrator will be available to all principals in the district.
  2. School-wide: prompts created by a school administrator will be available to all principals in the school.
  3. Principal prompts: prompts created by a principal (within the Evaluate Teachers work-area) will be private to the principal.

If a principal is also a school administrator, then the principal will need to choose the appropriate work area (Admin Teacher Evaluations for school admin or Evaluate Teachers for evaluator) to create prompts for school-wide or personal use.

1. Navigating to the Prompt Bank section for Teacher Evaluations.

2. Create a new Prompt

Click the Add New Prompt button to start the process.

3. Create the Prompt

  1. Enter the Prompt text.
  2. Decide whether to require the prompt.  If this checkbox is checked, the prompt will be automatically included in all teacher observations created in the district. Note: Any observations that already exist before this checkbox is checked will not be changed. This setting only applies to observations that are created after the prompt was set to required.
  3. Click the Done button to save the new prompt.


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