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Allowing schools and evaluators to configure Report Settings

District Administrator can configure school/evaluator overrides.

In the Report Sections/Framework View configuration section there is a checkbox that can be checked to allow all schools in the district to optionally override the district settings.

School Admins can override settings with defaults for all evaluators

If the district has not authorized schools to override the district default settings, then the school administrator will see a read-only view of the district settings.

On the other hand, once the district has authorized  schools to override, then the school will have the ability to override the district settings. To override, click the Override District Settings button.

Now the settings are configurable by the school admin. These will be the default settings for all teacher observation reports across the school.

Evaluators can override school settings for all personal evaluations.

Navigate to the Setup/Settings section and then click the report tab. Click the Override School Settings button.

Now you can customize the report settings for all of your reports of the selected type.

Evaluators can customize a specific report.

If there are cases where you need to customize an individual report, you can do so on the report tab of the observation. Click the Show Report Settings button to show the report setting configuration area.

Just like the previous examples, the evaluator can override the default settings for this specific report.


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