Choosing the Framework View Type

This article assumes that you are logged in as a District Administrator and are working in the Admin Teacher Evaluations work-area within the Settings  section.  The same functionality exists for principal reports within the Admin Principal Evaluations work-area.

If you need help changing to this work-area please see How to Change Work-areas.

District Administrators can configure the default Framework View that users in their district will see by when using eVAL.  

1. Change the Default Framework View

2. Users will see their data through the Default Framework View

When users are working in eVAL, they will by view their data through the district configured framework view.  In this case, the district has configured the default to be the Instructional View.

As you can we in the table displayed on this Coverage screen, the data is displayed relative to the Instructional View.

3. Users can change their view.

Users can change the view while they are working in eVAL by choosing the desired view from the drop down on the top navigation bar.

This change will only be in place during the user's current login session. When they exit eVAL and re-enter, the settings will return to the district default.

Reports will always display the rubric in the district configured view.


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