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Selecting Your District’s Teacher and Principal Frameworks


Before principals and teachers can use eVAL, the tool must be set up correctly. This chapter provides instructions on how to do that. You will probably need to talk to other district TPEP leaders as you configure the tool, to make sure you are saving settings that reflect your district’s union negotiations, work flow, and evaluation processes.

1. When you first sign into eVAL

The first time you sign into eVAL, you will be forced to select the teacher and principal frameworks. You won’t be able to carry out any other tasks until this step is completed. Click on the green Choose button for the Teacher Framework.

2. Select your teacher framework

The following dialog box will appear. Select your district’s teacher framework by clicking in the appropriate radio button.

3. Confirm your selection

A blue warning box will appear. If you have selected the correct framework, click on the button that says Yes, load this framework. Otherwise, click on the Cancel button and start over with Step #1 above.

4. Return to Framework Selection screen

You’ll return to the Framework Setup window, which will now show that your district’s teacher framework has been loaded.

5. Repeat for Principal Framework

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 above to select your district’s principal framework. When you have completed this step, your window will show that both frameworks are loaded and ready for use.

6. Next Steps

Your next step will be to assign teachers and principals to the evaluators. To prepare for that step, click on the Assignments button for the group you wish to assign.


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