eVAL HelpeVAL MODULESStudent Growth Goals How a Principal Signs Off on a Teacher's GoalHow does a principal evaluate teacher SG Goal evidence when teachers are not participating in eVAL?

How does a principal evaluate teacher SG Goal evidence when teachers are not participating in eVAL?

Background Information

In some districts, due to the collective bargaining agreement, teachers are not required to participate in their evaluation through the eVAL application. In cases where principals are using eVAL, but teachers are not contributing their evidence through eVAL, the principal will need to gather the evidence from the teacher and enter it on their behalf.

While it is not possible for the principal to load the evidence and submit the student growth goals through the SGG section within eVAL, it is still possible for the principal to collect any SG evidence, including goal statements, and go through the scoring process so that the SG evidence and scores are included in the Summative Evaluation.

Collecting SG Evidence

SG evidence can be collected by the principal and input into eVAL through the Artifacts section. Any forms, for example forms containing goal statements, can be loaded as artifacts.  The artifacts should be aligned to the SG rubric components.

In the screenshot below the principal is in the screen for editing an artifact and has aligned the artifact to SG 3.1.  Once the artifact has been loaded and aligned to the SG rubric component, share the artifact so that it will appear in the YTD Evidence Collection and the Summative Evaluation.

The Framework View dropdown on the top navigation bar must be set to the State framework for the SG rubric components to be visible in the Rubric Component Alignment selector.

Creating Evidence Packages

Typically evaluators would create evidence packages within the Student Growth Goals section once teachers have submitted their goals to their evaluator for review. But you can also create evidence packages with SG evidence that you have created from Artifacts within the YTD Evidence Collection section just as you would with any eVAL evidence.

Scoring SG for the Summative Evaluation

The typical process for evaluators to score SG Goals is to work through the Student Growth Goals section, but it is also possible to score SG Goals/Evidence within the Summative Evaluation section of eVAL.  


By loading SG evidence as artifacts, and using the YTD Evidence Collection section to package evidence, and the Summative Evaluation section to score SG components, evaluators can incorporate SG goal evidence within their evaluations even if teachers are not directly participating in their evaluation through eVAL.


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