eVAL HelpeVAL MODULESStudent Growth Goals How a Teacher Begins the ProcessHow does a teacher share the goal(s) with his/her principal?

How does a teacher share the goal(s) with his/her principal?


Once a teacher has responded to a goal prompt, written a goal statement, and <optionally> attached a supportive artifact, it's time to share these three things with his/her evaluating principal. This article explains the steps to do that.

Follow these steps:

To share your response to the prompt and your Student Growth Goal statement with your evaluating principal, click on the gree Share Goals button.

A drop-down window will appear, providing information about what to expect. When you are ready, click on the green Continue button.

A light blue ribbon will appear across the top of the page, indicating that the teacher's response, goal statement and <possibly> supportive artifact hae been shared with his/her evaluating principal. The only way to access the information that was sent to the principal is to click on the green Request Unlock button.

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