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How does a teacher find the right place to start?


Teachers on comprehensive plans must write Student Growth Goals for Criteria 3, 6 and 8, whereas teachers on focused plans only have to write a goal for one of the criteria. These instructions will provide the steps for a teacher on a focused plan. Teachers on comprehensive plans will need to follow these instructions for each criteria.

Follow these steps:

Sign in to eVAL, and click on the Student Growth Goal menu on the left. The Student Growth Goals page will appear. A Summary tab will appear, as well as other tabs for Criteria. If a teacher is on a comprehensive plan, all three student growth criteria tabs will show. However, if a teacher is on a focused plan, only the tab for their selected criteria will appear. The sample below shows the three tabs for a teacher on a comprehensive plan.

Click on a tab for which you wish to write a student growth goal.

The page for that criteria will appear.

Read the next article to learn how to respond to a prompt and to write a Student Growth Goal in eVAL.


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