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How does a teacher respond to a prompt, write a goal and attach an artifact?


A teacher will need to respond to a Student Growth Goal prompt, and then write the goal statement for the student growth goal. S/He may wish to add a supportive artifact with the prompt response and the goal statement. This article will provide the steps to carry out these tasks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click in the first text field for Prompts and type in your response to the goal prompt.
  2. Then click in the second text field for Goal Statement and write your Student Growth Goal statement.

If you wish to add an artifact for the prompt or goal statement you wrote, scroll down the page and click on the green button called Add New Artifact.

Click in the Artifact Title field and give your artifact a name. Then choose the type of artifact you are adding by clicking on the pertinent green button.

If you wish to provide some reasoning for aligning your artifact with this criteria, add it in the pertinent text field. When you are ready, click the green Save and Close button to complete this task.

The artifact will appear at the bottom of the page, below your response to the prompt and the goal statement you wrote.

Read the next article to learn how to share the response, the goal statement and the <optional> artifact with your evaluating principal.


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