Scoring the Calibration Exercise

This chapter only displays the screens that are visible to the person in your district that is assigned the role of the School Principal or District-wide Teacher Evaluator.


A Calibration Exercise is very similar to an eVAL classroom observation. The main difference is that you are not observing a live classroom. Instead, you are watching a pre-recorded video session of a classroom observation session.

Just like an eVAL observation, you have the ability to take notes (script) during the video, and then code the observation notes to evidence. Once your coding is complete, you can move to the Align & Score section, and review your evidence, build evidence packages, and finally score the rubric components that the calibration anchor is aligned to.

Finally, once you have scored all of the required rubric components, you can submit your exercise and then compare your scores to the anchor scores, as well as everyone else in your district that has completed the same exercise and shared their scores.

The results from everyone else will be aggregated and there will be no names associated with their scores.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Unlike a regular observation, you will be observing through a recorded video session. The video is available on the Observe tab, just as in a classroom observation.

Step 2: Align & Score

You can perform all of the tasks you usually do with a standard eVAL classroom observation in a calibration exercise as well.

Step 3: Submit

At a minimum, you must score each of the rubric components that the anchor is aligned to. On the Report tab, you will get a summary box that tells you whether you have completed all the required components, and if so, you will be presented with a button to submit the exercise. Once submitted, you will not be able to make further changes.

Step 4: View Results

Once submitted, the Report tab will display a full report comparing your scores to the anchor, as well as to everyone elses' who completed the same exercise and shared their results. You can also go to the Align & Score screen to see a side-by-side comparison of your evidence/scores and the anchor evidence/scores. This display is similar to how the teacher self-eval within an observation works.


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