Enabling Calibration Exercises

This chapter only displays the settings screens that are visible to the person in your district that is assigned the role of the District Administrator.


Calibration Exercises is a feature that allows users in the district that evaluate teachers (principals and district-wide teacher evaluators) to practice scoring against a video observation session that has been master scored.  Once the exercise has been completed, the user is able to view their scores against master anchor scores, and review the supporting master scoring rationale. Depending on the district setup, the individual scores can be shared with the district and viewed in aggregate to see trends and areas to focus professional development.

Calibration Exercise anchors are now available for each instructional framework. 

Enabling the Calibration Exercise Module

As a district administrator, you enable this module on the General Settings tab within the Settings section. Once enabled, you will see the following new sections within the Training section:

  • Uploaded Videos: this section is where you are able to upload videos that can be used to define your own Calibration Anchors.
  • Calibration Anchors: this section is where you can view Calibration Anchors provided by eVAL as well as any that your district has created.
  • Calibration Exercises: this section is where you will setup how Calibration Exercises in your district will work and also will allow your district to assign and view aggregated data from exercises performed by teacher evaluators in your district.

Viewing Calibration Anchors

eVAL is providing a pre-defined set of Calibration Anchors that can be used for your Calibration Exercises. To view the anchors, click on the Calibration Anchor link on the Left Navigation Menu.

Here are the anchors that are being developed for the Danielson Framework.

Clicking on the View button for a particular anchor will bring up the following screen. While you cannot view the anchor scores, or score rationales, you can view the video and a description.

After enabling the Calibration Exercise module, you additionally need to configure how the Calibration Exercises module will be setup specifically for your district usage.  Until this setup is complete, users in your district will not have access to this module.

Setting District Preferences

Once you have clicked the Enable Calibration Exercises button you will be prompted with a dialog window allowing you to select your district preferences. The first option that needs to be decided is whether your district will assign all exercises or whether you will allow individual users to self-assign all exercises.

Step 1: Choose how exercises are assigned.

Self Assigned Exercises: this option is described on the screen below. Users will be able to self-assign exercises and choose how they would like to share them with their district. For each exercise, they can either keep it private, share it with the district anonymously, or share it in full so that a district user can see the entire exercise.

District Assigned Exercises: this option is described by the screen below. District administrators will assign all exercises and pre-set how the exercises will be shared with the district once the user has completed them.

Step 2. Choose how results are shared with the district.

  • Shared (Anonymous): Calibration exercise scores will be shared with the district so that the results can be aggregated across the district, but individual scores will be anonymous.
  • Shared (Full Profile): Calibration exercise scores will be shared with the district so that the results can be aggregated across the district, AND the district will be able to view individual scores.


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