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District Assigned Calibration Exercises

This chapter only displays the screens that are visible to the person in your district that are assigned the role of the School Principal of District-wide Teacher Evaluator.


Calibration Exercises is a feature that allows users in the district that evaluate teachers (principals and district-wide teacher evaluators) to practice scoring against a video observation session that has been master scored.  Once the exercise has been completed, the user is able to view their scores against master anchor scores, and review the supporting master scoring rationale. Depending on the district setup, the individual scores can be shared with the district and viewed in aggregate to see trends and areas to focus professional development.

As a school principal, Calibration Exercises are within the Training section of your "Evaluate Teachers" work-area. If your district has configured the Calibration Exercise feature so that your district is responsible for assigning all exercises, then the assigned exercises will appear here.


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