Assigning Calibration Exercises

This chapter only displays the settings screens that are visible to the person in your district that is assigned the role of the District Administrator.


This help page assumes that your district has already enabled Calibration Exercises and configured them so that they are assigned by the district. If you have not yet done this step return to Enabling Calibration Exercises

As a district administrator, you can assign calibration exercises within the Training Section of the Admin Teacher Evaluations section. Calibration. Click on the Assignments tab.

Assigning one exercise at a time

Each of the exercises is listed along the top and the principals are listed along the left. You can assign a single exercise to a specific principal by clicking the "Assign" button in the grid cell where the principal and exercise intersect.

Assigning the same exercise to multiple principal at once

Use the checkboxes on the leftmost column to select the principals to which you want to assign the exercise. You can select/unselect all of the principals by checking the top checkbox in the upper left corner. Once the principals are selected, click the "Assign" button in the column header for the correct calibration exercise.

Viewing Assignment Status

Once calibration exercises have been assigned, you can view their status. The status will be one of two states:

  • In Progress
  • Submitted


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