Viewing Results

This chapter only displays the screens that are visible to the person in your district that is assigned the role of the District Administrator.


This help page assumes that your district has already enabled Calibration Exercises for your district. If you have not yet done this step return to Enabling Calibration Exercises

As a district administrator, you can view calibration exercise results within the Training Section of the Admin Teacher Evaluations section. Calibration. Click on the Report tab.

The Report screen displays all of the results for exercises that have been shared with the district.   By default the results are aggregated across all exercises. If you would like to see the results for all exercises that are based on a specific anchor, select that exercise in the drop down box.

Viewing Results

Now let's take a closer look at how the results are displayed.

Each row in the table below represents the anchor scores that exist for the given rubric component. In this example below, the table is displaying all results across all calibration exercises.

The table is displaying what the score distribution is from the respondents for each anchor score.

For example, in table 1a below,

1. Anchor Score is UNS for 1a:

  • there were two users that scored a calibration exercise that had an anchor score of UNS for 1a.
  • 50% of the users scored exactly the same as the anchor score, i.e. UNS.
  • 50% of the users score adjacent (one above or below) to the anchor score, i.e. BAS.

2. Anchor Score is BAS for 1a:

  • there werwe four users that scored a calibration exercise that had an anchor score of BAS for 1a.
  • there was an equal distribution of scores: one score UNS, BAS, PRO, and DIS


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