How does a teacher use the dashboard?


A teacher has a single purpose for using eVAL ... to interact with his/her evaluating principal while participating in the evaluation process. When a teacher signs in, s/he can use the Dashboard to monitor any activity that has taken place since last signing into the tool.

The teacher's dashboard at-a-glance.

The default page that is displayed immediately after signing into eVAL is the page for the Dashboard's Summary tab. This page provides an overview of all activity that has taken place since last signing in.

  1. When the Dashboard is the active menu, a green marker will appear to the left of its icon on the menu.
  2. If there has been new activity since you last signed into eVAL, you will see a NEW orange notification appear next to the activity module. See the image below. Please note: The icon for the NEW notification is not hyperlinked; it is simply an icon.
  3. To get additional information about the specific activity that has taken place, click on the hyperlinked text to the left of the NEW notification.

Please note: 

Another type of notification is a green ACTION REQUIRED icon, which alerts the principal that s/he needs to do something.

Clicking on the hyperlinked text (above) takes you further down the page where you can find more information about the actual NEW activity that has taken place for that module (in this case, Observations).

  1. A short statement that describes the new activity will be displayed by the NEW icon.
  2. If you wish to drill down further to see the actual new activity, click on the green View button in the right column.