Survey Results

Viewing Results while the Survey is Open

Once you have opened the survey you can view the results as they become available. The results will be displayed on the screen in the same format as the generated PDF report. To see the latest results, click the "Refresh Results" button.

You can generate a PDF version of the report at any time. It will contain the same content that is displayed in the report output on the screen.

The results grid shows the survey statements along the y-axis and the percent responses for each answer in the horizontal bar for each statement. Along the x-axis is the number of respondents.

If the report is not complete,  the Survey Completion Date will display "The survey is still open" in the survey summary section to indicate that the survey is still in progress.

Completing the Report

When you have received all of the student input and wish to complete the survey, click the "Complete Survey" button. All of the buttons for controlling the open survey will be removed and the report is updated to display the final results.

Generating a PDF

To generate a PDF of the survey results, click the "Create PDF" button in the upper right corner of the screen. The content of the PDF file will look exactly like what you see on the screen.  The PDF generated from this sample survey is attached below.

Including Survey Results in Your Evaluation

If you would like to include the Perception Survey results in your eVAL Evaluation, you can simply create an Artifact in eVAL and attach the generated PDF file.