Student Survey View

This functionality is what will be displayed to the student interacting with the survey. It is here for demonstration purposes only. The teacher would not interact with this screen.

Once you have received the URL for the survey site from your teacher, enter it into a browser window. You will be re-directed to the survey page.

Survey Layout

  1. Statement Grid: The upper grid displays each of the survey statements with a 5 point scale ranging from Strongly Disagree -> Strongly Agree.
  2. Demographics: The lower section collects demographic data on survey participants.  It is only used at an aggregate level across all surveys. The teacher that receives the survey results will not receive the demographic information.
  3. Done button: Click this button to submit the survey.

Submitting the Survey

Once you have completed the survey, click the Done button to submit your responses.  You will see the following message.

Once the survey has been submitted you cannot return to the survey and change your responses.

To see how to view the survey results see Survey Results