Opening Surveys


Once you have created a Perception Survey, chosen a title, and selected the statements to include in the survey, you are ready to open the survey for your students to access.

To open the survey to students, click the "Open Survey" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the survey has been opened to students it can no longer be modified.

You will be prompted with the following dialog to make sure you are ready to open your survey to students.

Providing Survey URL to Students

  1. Student Survey URL: Once the survey has been opened, the information panel at the top will include an url that can be shared with students.
  2. Communicate Survey URL to Students: You can click the "Copy URL to Clipboard" link to copy the URL to use in whatever mechanism you use to communicate the directions for launching the survey to your students.

Temporarily Closing the Survey

Because the survey is anonymous, it is impossible to prevent a student from taking the survey multiple times.  The survey will detect if the survey has already been submitted from the current browser window, but if the student changes windows, or uses a different computer, the survey cannot detect this repeat input.

The best way to administer the survey would be during class time and have students use classroom computers. After each student completes the survey they should close the browser window they used for the survey.

While you are waiting for the results to come in you have the option to temporarily close the survey and re-open it at a later time. This would be advisable if you want to restrict access to the survey to class time and need to allow students to access the survey across multiple class periods.

To temporarily close the survey to student access, click the "Close Survey" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the survey has been closed, you can click the "Open Survey" button to re-open the survey.

To see what the survey looks like from the student view, see Student Survey