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WAC Change - Carrying forward Comprehensive Score

Carrying the score from the Comprehensive evaluation through the Focused evaluation period

The following is an excerpt from the following document available on the TPEP site. See http://www.k12.wa.us/TPEP/pubdocs/FocusedevaluationWACchangeFAQ.pdf

Changes to WAC 392-191A are finalized and take effect this school year.

Districts have the choice to implement the changes to the Focused evaluation (392-191A-120) in 2016-17 or in 2017-18.

Changes for 392-191A-120  include:

  • Carrying the score from the Comprehensive evaluation through the Focused evaluation period for teachers and principals who have completed the Comprehensive evaluation, have received a Level 3 (proficient) or Level 4 (distinguished), and have been moved to the Focused evaluation. This change is proposed to encourage teachers and principals to address areas of challenge during the Focused evaluation process.
  • Setting a December 15 deadline for moving a teacher/principal from a Focused evaluation to a Comprehensive evaluation within the current school year.

The following is an excerpt from the WAC language:

A summative score is determined using the most recent comprehensive summative evaluation score. This score becomes the focused summative evaluation score for any of the subsequent years following the comprehensive summative evaluation in which the certificated classroom teacher is placed on a focused evaluation. Should a teacher provide evidence of exemplary practice on the chosen focused criterion, a level 4 (Distinguished) score may be awarded by the evaluator.

Should an evaluator determine that a teacher on a focused evaluation should be moved to a comprehensive evaluation for that school year, the teacher must be informed of this decision in writing at any time on or before December 15.

Configuring Comprehensive score carry forward in 2016-2017 in eVAL.

By default, all teachers and principals that are on a Focused Evaluation for the 2016-2017 school year will remain without any changes to how the summative evaluation score is calculated. But it will be possible for the evaluation to be changed to carry forward their Comprehensive score from the previous Comprehensive evaluation.

1. Navigate to the Assignments screen and choose the Focus Evaluation Cycle for the teacher you want to change.

If you need more information on how to get to the Assignments screen and configure the focus for an evaluation see Assigning an Evaluation Cycle, Once you have selected Focus from the Evaluation Cycle dropdown you will see the following pop-up window.

In addition to selecting the focus criteria, you now have the option to choose to have the teacher carry forward their Comprehensive score. 

2. Check the Apply WAC Focused evaluation change checkbox

To choose this option, check the "Apply .." checkbox. Once this option is checked the section below it will expand to allow you to configure which Comprehensive score will be carried forward.

3. Select the school year and performance level to carry forward

Any Comprehensive evaluations that have been scored in eVAL will be listed for you to review, and the most recent score will be used to pre-populate the Carry-forward Score drop-downs. If there are no scores available from eVAL, or you want to manually override the pre-populated values you can manually select the values in the Carry-forward Score drop-downs.

4. Save the changes

Now the Focus description includes an indication that the evaluation will carry forward the PROFICIENT score from the previous Comprehensive evaluation.

How the setting is used during evaluations

The evaluator will be able to see that the teacher's evaluation cycle is set to Focused and that it will carry-forward the Comprehensive score.

On the Final Summative Evaluation the Comprehensive score will be used for the Final Summative score.

If the comprehensive score that is carried forward is PROFICIENT and the Focus score is DISTINGUISHED, then the DISTINGUISHED score will be used as the final summative score.


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