COV-19 Update


Now that school staff will be engaged in continuous learning for students while school buildings are closed for the rest of the school year, many evaluations are currently in an incomplete state and evaluators are wondering how to complete them for the current school year. Please see the TPEP website for a bulletin and some Frequently Asked Questions for general information.  This document outlines a few features within eVAL that may allow evaluators who are eVAL users to complete the summative evaluation with whatever evidence they have to date.

Evidence/Scoring - Criterion Statement of Performance

Within the Summative Evaluation Evidence/Scoring section, each criterion has an input form for the evaluator to enter a Statement of Performance. This field can be use by the evaluator to give additional information either about a lack of score, or why a particular performance level was chosen, given limited evidence.

Final Report - Drop to Paper option

The Drop to Paper option allows the evaluator to submit the final report based on whatever evidence has be collected to date. Any outstanding issues, which under normal conditions would prevent the report from being submitted, will be bypassed.  For example, if there are missing criteria scores, the report can still be submitted, but there will not be a final score calculated due to the missing criteria scores.


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