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Report is missing formatting in Chrome

We've had a couple of users create a PDF of an observation report and the resulting document doesn't contain the expectefd formatting. We're still trying to track down the cause of this problem, but here is one thing to try.

1. Log out of eVAL and EDS.

2. Open your browser settings

Click the button in the upper right and then click the "Settings" option from that dropdown.

3. Go to the Advanced Settings section

4. Click the "Content Settings" button

The "Show Advanced settings.." link will expand to include this button.

5. Click the "All cookies and site data.." button.

6. Find the cookies for the eval-wa.org site

Type "eval-wa.org" in the box to filter the sites you want to find and then click the "Done" button in the bottom right of the screen. This will remove all of cached data for the eVAL site from your browser.

7. Return to eVAL and try to print the report again.