Why do eVAL settings matter?


The way in which eVAL users use the tool, and the features of eVAL that are available to them, all depend on how the eVAL tool is configured. While the tool has been developed to support teacher and principal growth and evaluation, there are some settings that can be configured to provide the users with the ability to use the tool that meets their needs.

The role of the District Administrator of eVAL:

The only person that has "permissions" to configure the settings in eVAL is the person that has been assigned the eVAL role of District Administrator.

How to get the eVAL settings changed:

Many districts have leadership teams that make decisions that guide the district as they engage in teacher and principal growth and evaluation. If you have questions or concerns about the settings that have been used to configure the eVAL tool for your district, please contact someone on your district's leadership team.

About this chapter:

This chapter only displays the settings screens that are visible to the person in your district that is assigned the role of the District Administrator. The checkmarks you see in the screen snaps display the default settings, and do not necessarily display the way in which eVAL has been configured for your district.


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