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Exit Exam Math - How To for Students

Student Login

You will log into the COE system at Your teacher can give you your username - it can be found listed under your name in the "Manage Groups" section. Your username is not case-sensitive. Your default password will be coestudent (all one word, all lowercase). Once you log in for the first time you will be prompted to change your password to something you can remember.

Using the Online System

When you first log in, check to make sure that the information listed after "Account Summary for" is correct. If your name or birthdate are not correct, alert your teacher right away. Your teacher should give COE tech support a call at (360) 464-6708 to get the issue sorted out. When you're ready to begin working, click on "View Submission." If you get a message that says "Access to your collection is currently not available" that means that your teacher needs to open group access.

Student Dashboard

This is what the student dashboard looks like. To begin working, click on any task with a hyperlink. You will not be able to open up your on-demand assignments until your teacher has opened on-demand access for you.

Begin Working

Read through the question and click the "Respond" button when you are ready to begin typing your answer.

Type Answer

An equation editor box will come up for you to type your response in. You will see the question above the text box. Your work will not auto-save, so be sure that you click the Save button so that your work is not lost. When you are finished typing, click the Save button once more and you will be exited out of the math editor. If you need to go back and edit your response later, you will be able to click on the Edit button.

Equation Editor Practice

If you would like to practice with the Equation Editor, or would like more information on the Equation Editor, click on either "Equation Editor Practice" or "Equation Editor Tutorial" on the left side of the page.

Mark Task as Complete

If you have completely finished your response to this prompt, click the "Mark Task as Complete" button. If you decide you need to go back in after all, click the "Reset Task to Incomplete" button.

Graphing Questions

For some tasks, graphing questions are required. Your teacher will print these questions off for you and you will graph your answers on paper, instead of electronically. Your teacher will send your graphing questions to the COE Scoring Center when your collection is full and the submission window is open.

On-Demand Questions

On-demand questions are given in two parts. Once you're completed with the part of the task you can see, be sure you click the "Mark Questions as Complete" button so that your teacher can give you the next set of questions. Once you've marked the task as complete you'll see text that says "Task not available at this time." Click on the "Return to Collection" button to get back to your available tasks.

Submitting for Teacher Approval

When you're finished with all your tasks, and each one is marked Complete (green circle icon), and the submission window is open, the "Submit for Teacher Approval" button will become clickable. Click on this task and your work will be sent to your teacher for his or her approval. Your teacher may ask you to revise your non-on-demand tasks, so be sure to ask him or her if any additional work is necessary on your end.

Student Declaration

Student Declaration

If this is the first time you're accessing this content area, you will be required to read through the student declaration and click the "I agree" button.